My Light-o-Rama Sequences (Christmas and Halloween)

These files do not contain the associated music due to copyright laws. With the information provided, you should be able to find the music via Google. If you have an issue finding the mp3, send me an email. The sequences do have the LOR animation. To save a sequence click on the LOR image and choose "Save".

Sequence Archives (Christmas and Halloween)

2012 Halloween Show List 2012 Christmas Show List
2012 Halloween Show Total Time
IntroDisaster2012 (:45)
It Must Be Halloween (3:00)
Crypts (1:29)
PhantomoftheOpera (2:45)
Adams_Family2009 (1:22)
CryptKeeper (1:25)
Ghostbusters2009 (3:57)
Halloween _Theme (2:19)
Haunted House (2:00)
GrimGrinningGhosts (5:36)
HelterSkelter (1:56)
HeadlessHorseman (3:07)
SweeneyTodd (3:19)
Thriller (5:58)
Van HelsingTransylvania1887 (1:26)
Spooky Scary Skeletons (2:10)
ThisisHalloween (3:00)
Trick or Treat (3:30)
2012 Christmas Show Total Time 1:26:06
In Progress